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Pondering The Rain in June

Sapardi Djoko Damono might have never thought that one of his poems would come true. One day in 1989, academician cum litterateur wrote a melancholic poem entitled “Rain in June”. Sapardi uses  “Rain in June” metaphorically to illustrate an unconvinced love, offering, sacrifice, and wait in silence contemplating introvert longing.  Rain in June touched the […]

Jaring Nusa, Joint Movement for Eastern Indonesia’s Coastal and Small Island Communities

Fourteen civil society organizations in Eastern Indonesia declared its commitment to collaboratively save ocean, coasts, and small islands in eastern regions of Indonesia. In their declaration, Jaring Belajar Pesisir, Laut dan Pulau Kecil (literally “Learning Network for Coasts, Ocean and Small Island”) or so-called Jaring Nusa for Eastern Indonesia stated that coastal and small island […]

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