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Embracing Youth’s Involvement during Indonesia’s Political Year

The year 2022 does not merely mean the commencement of our nation’s political year with the open registration for political parties contesting on the upcoming 2024 General Election (Pemilu), but also defines the future of 101 regions that will change their local leaders. Youth engagement in these significant events will  give substantial impact to the consolidation […]

Only Few Companies Concern about Environment

Companies take responsibility for making the environment  sustainable. In business as usual, companies like textile industries, if not well-managed, can produce waste that pollutes the environment. Unfortunately, very few companies have concerns about the environment. To monitor the effects of the company on the environment, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) launched a program […]

EcoNusa and Pramuka Collaborating for Sustainable Environment

When we talk about pressure on environment, the situation is getting worse today. For instance, deforestation continues to happen in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is on the top five countries losing forests in the past two decades. In addition, overfishing remains rampant. Based on the Global Index Fishing Watch 2021, fish stock remains under threat which […]

I am Digital, therefore I Exist

The title is inspired by “Cogito ergo sum” adage. The saying was firstly coined by the French philosopher Rene Descartes in the 16th century which means “I think, therefore I am” that then gains its popularity. It originally came from French which was then translated into Latin. This article is also inspired by the closed […]

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