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The Job Creation Law and Its Implications for Forests, Environment, and Indigenous Peoples in the Land of Papua

The presence of the Draft Law on Job Creation has caused polemics in the community. The various regulations contained in it are considered to have ignored the principles of justice and protection of society and natural resources. Even though it has drawn protests from various elements of society, the Indonesian Parliament still knocks the hammer for the ratification of the Job Creation Bill in a plenary session on October 5, 2020.

Observing the implications of the ratification of the Job Creation Bill, the Econusa Foundation assesses that the regulations that are conditional on the ease of investment will have a major impact on the environment, forests and indigenous peoples in the Land of Papua. The leniency in permits accommodated by the Work Creation Bill is alleged to have opened up a gap for large-scale industries to enter Tanah Papua. There is no minimum forest boundary that must be maintained, imposes sanctions that are not in favor of the environment and the community, and tightens the space for participation of indigenous peoples.

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