Village Schools in Momi Waren and Neney District, South Manokwari Regency

Implementation of the Village School is a series of follow-up activities from the Village Head Workshop and Social Transformation School which was held in Siwi Village, Momi Waren District, South Manokwari Regency on March 27-31 2023. The participants involved came from 12 villages spread across 5 Districts within the Manokwari Regency South and 2 villages from Teluk Wondama Regency. This village school runs until May 26, is a village school in village of Demini, Momi Waren district on 22-23 May 2023 with 38 participants from Demini, Siwi and Nij villages. The next village school was held in Wama village, Neney district on 25-26 May 2023 which was attended by 31 participants from Neney and Wama villages. Training facilitators presented in the activity village schools are Abdoel Rachim – a former member of the Eiber Cooperative Suth Ransiki for cocoa cultivation materials and Erpin Situmorang – Head of the Agriculture and Food Service of South Manokwari Regency for peanut cultivation materials.

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