Village School Program at Gisim and Klajaring Villages, Southwest Papua

Most of the people in Gisim and Klajaring villages, Segun District, Sorong, Southwest Papua have profession as fishermen. It is not uncommon for them to have damaged nets while fishing and most of the damaged nets usually thrown away. The EcoNusa Foundation initiated training on sewing and repairing damaged nets in the Village School program which was held on 8-9 February 2023. This aims to increase the ability of the community to weave nets, so that they can increase the efficiency of using nets and maximize catches.

Every year the village government allocates village funds to procure new nets. The existence of this training allows funds for the procurement of nets to be diverted for other purposes, and also opens up new business opportunities and increasing local economy for the Gisim and Klajaring communities.

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