Vanilla seed planting in Keerom Regency and Jayapura Regency

100 vanilla seedlings were planted across four villages in Keerom Regency, namely in the villages of Warlef and Molof in the Senggi District, and in the villages of Uskwar and Wembi in the Mannem District. Additionally, two villages in Jayapura Regency, namely Sarmai Atas Village in the Namblong District and Rephang Muaif Village in the Nimbokrang District, were also included in the initiative. The planted vanilla varieties include Tahiti and Planifolia. The chosen vanilla seedlings for this planting process were cuttings with 8-10 leaf sections. This activity is a follow-up to the Village School program that conducted in six months, following the initial planting of the shading plants called Gamal Trees. Thus, the vanilla seedlings were only provided to local farmers from 6 villages who have well-prepared their demonstration plot and have planted the shading plants. The aspiration is that the cultivation of vanilla will contribute to improve the local economic well-being.

Text: Nur Alfiyah | Photo: Alberth Yomo

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