PACE Discussion: Understanding Palm Oil Company Licensing

The presence of oil palm companies in the Land of Papua greatly impacts the space for indigenous peoples to manage and utilize their forest products as well as their land owneship, not to mention the impact of deforestation which will continue to “haunt” the area of forest cover. Through PACE (Paparan dan Cerita) conducted by our Jayapura office, with the theme of “Understanding Palm Oil Company Licensing”, we aim to increase internal and volunteers understanding in Jayapura, Papua region, regarding the proper procedures/regulations for oil palm plantation licensing. This routine forum also conveys the important of continous permit review permits and ground check operations of oil palm plantation companies, after the revocation of 16 oil palm company permits in West Papua as a follow-up to Presidential Instruction No. 8 of 2018 concerning Postponement and Evaluation of Palm Oil Plantation Permits and Increased Productivity Oil Palm Plantation or Palm Oil Moratorium Instruction.

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