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Irereres Youth Lead Initiative to Form Participatory Mapping Team and Customary Forest Management Institution

From May 21-24, 2024, the youth of the Irereres Tribe in Tambrauw Regency, Southwest Papua, together with the Tribal Chief, formed the Participatory Customary Territory Mapping Team and the Irereres Customary Forest Management Institution. During these four days, they discussed and created sketch maps of the boundaries of their customary territories, followed by field mapping. The women of the Irereres Tribe also played a crucial role, sharing their knowledge about the lineage and boundaries of their customary territories.

After the field mapping, the Irereres youth will collect data on the history of the tribe, territorial ownership, customary laws, and cultural assets to apply for the recognition of indigenous rights from the Tambrauw Regency Government. This recognition from the local government will serve as a foundation for obtaining acknowledgment from the central government, ensuring that the Irereres community can protect their forest without fear of destruction or destructive interventions.

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