Inauguration of the Indigenous Law Society Committee of South Sorong

On July 29, 2023, marks the day of the inauguration of the South Sorong Customary Law Society Committee. The Committee, comprised of representatives from relevant institutions such as the Environmental Department, Community and Villages Empowerment Department, and Indigenous Community Institution, was inaugurated by the Vice Regent of South Sorong, Alfons Sesa.

This endeavor involves the collaboration of 15 districts within the South Sorong Regency, encompassing all ethnic groups and sub-ethnicities therein. The committee’s primary responsibility will be to verify and validate data pertaining to customary territories that are proposed for acknowledgment by rightful indigenous landowners.

It is our hope that the establishment of the South Sorong Customary Law Society Committee will usher in a promising and bright future for the sovereignty of customary land in the South Sorong region. ,

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