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Field Study Visit by UNIMUDA International Relations Students to EcoNusa Foundation Office in Sorong

On June 28, 2024, students from UNIMUDA’s International Relations department conducted a field study visit to the EcoNusa office in Sorong. The theme of the visit was focused on “Empowering Indigenous Communities as Mitigation of Global Climate Change,” emphasizing the rights of indigenous communities and efforts in global climate change mitigation. During their visit, the students participated in discussions and activities aimed at understanding how indigenous communities in the region are affected by global climate change and how local empowerment initiatives can help reduce its impact and contribute to climate change mitigation efforts. They interacted with relevant stakeholders who provided insights and concrete examples of community-based initiatives, indigenous rights, and sustainable practices in the evolving environmental context.

The field study visit provided students with direct knowledge and valuable perspectives on the interconnectedness of global climate change, indigenous rights, and community empowerment. It underscored the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and stakeholders in addressing environmental challenges, strengthening indigenous rights, and promoting sustainable development that responds to global climate change. This visit not only enriched the students’ academic understanding but also inspired them to consider the role of international relations in advocating for a more holistic and sustainable environmental advocacy.

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