Driving Acceleration of Customary Territory Recognition in Kaimana

The recognition of indigenous community rights serves as a foundation for indigenous communities to manage their land and natural resources within their customary territory. This recognition also forms the basis for fulfilling rights related to identity, culture, local wisdom, native language, and traditional institutions. The EcoNusa Foundation is advocating for the recognition of the indigenous community rights of the Awujani Maramoy clan in Kaimana, West Papua, by the local government.

To expedite this process, EcoNusa held a focused group discussion on August 22, 2023, at the EcoNusa Office in Kaimana. The event was attended by representatives from the Department of Community and Village Empowerment, the Secretary of Kaimana Regency, the Chairman of the Council of Customary Affairs, the Forestry Department branch, the Department of Culture and Tourism, Members of the Regional House of Representatives, and environmental observers. This focused discussion resulted in the draft formation of a committee for the Awujani Maramoy customary law community.

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