Dispersing Premium Nutmeg Fragrance, Agroforestry Spices Cultivated by Local Farmers in the Maluku Islands

EcoNusa Foundation is committed to empowering communities in eastern Indonesia, with a special focus on enhancing their ability to manage valuable natural resources like nutmeg. Our initiatives include facilitating the formation of people’s cooperatives to bolster the local economy and identifying markets. Through our dedicated work, which includes the establishment of local Cooperative and KOBUMI, we’re connecting high quality nutmeg from local farmers with the Asian market. A recent milestone involved the successful shipment of 17 tons of nutmeg from diverse parts of Maluku, including the Banda Islands, Tehoru in West Seram, Bula in East Seram, Namlea Island, Buru Island, Saparua Island, and Lehitu Island, to Surabaya for the China market (11/9). Our ultimate goal is to create economic benefits for these communities while instilling a deep appreciation for the importance of preserving nature. Through these efforts, we aim to foster sustainable living and well-being.

Text: Nur Arinta | Photo: Kobumi

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