Plant Seeds for Rufases and Seya Villages

On 5 November 2020 morning, when roosters and birds hailed the dawn, at a house on the road with reef and pebble someone shouted, “Rai neroakh berut rae megasbo!” It means: “Let us assemble together!” That call could attract Rufases villagers to get together and walked to Seya Village. Both villages are close neighbors. That […]

Sail To Campus STP & STKIP Hatta – Sjahrir Banda Naira

Monday, 16 November 2020 After taking a voyage from island to island in eastern Indonesian waters to gather solidarity, Monday, November 16 2020, the #EkspedisiMalukuEcoNusa ship will lean on Banda & Naira Island, one of the islands in the Maluku region that holds traces of history and extraordinary natural beauty. #EksedisiMalukuEcoNusa will chat with friends […]