Training on Layer Chicken Farming in Kaptel District, South Papua

The community in Kaptel District, Merauke, South Papua, has begun to develop layer chicken farming. This development is driven by the Indonesian Protestant Church in Papua (GPI Papua) and EcoNusa. A total of 15 community members participated in the training organized by GPI Papua at the end of August 2023. During the training, they learned various aspects including how to build coops, care for chickens, provide feed, maintain cleanliness, administer vaccines, and manage stress in chickens.

Layer chicken farming was chosen due to the high consumption demand in the Kaptel and Okaba regions of Merauke, South Papua. Furthermore, there are currently no layer chicken or broiler chicken farming ventures in the Kaptel District. It is hoped that this layer chicken farming initiative will contribute to improving the local economy.”

Text: Nur Alfiyah | Photo: Andre Serhalawan

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