Birds-of-Paradise in Papuan Belief, Bird of A Sibling Reincarnation

Birds-of-paradise is one of the protected bird families that develops into the  indigineous people’s cultural identity in Tanah Papua. Birds-of-paradise also contain special traditional value if compared to other common birds or animals. Birds-of-paradise folklore is also passed around by elders to the youngsters from generation to generation. Gustaf Toto, the customary leader or so-called […]

The Rainforest and Birds-of-Paradise’s Preservation in Papuan Culture


The existence of birds-of-paradise in the rainforest of Tanah Papua and Maluku Island is not only a sign of the rainforest ecosystem’s health. Birds-of-Paradise also signifies a cultural and religious symbol of indigineous people in Tanah Papua. Customary laws embracing local wisdom on protection of nature and the living creatures inside the forest have been […]

Protecting Papua and Maluku Forests Not Only About Birds-of-Paradise Preservation

Indonesia’s largest tropical rainforest is in Tanah Papua and the Maluku Islands. More than 3,000 vertebrate and 200,000 invertebrate species live in this tropical rainforest area. They range from insects, reptiles, mammals to birds, including birds-of-paradise with their  well-known magnificence. In addition, Papua Island also has more than 13,000 vascular plants, making it the richest […]

Tim Laman, Ed Scholes, and Prof. Charlie D Heatubun in MACE Defending Paradise

mace defending paradise with tim laman, ed scholes, and prof charlie d heatubun as speakers

The tropical rainforest in Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands is one of the largest tropical rainforest areas in the world with a high level of biodiversity. Most of them are endemic flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere in the world, including in other parts of Indonesia. One of them are birds-of-paradise which associated […]

Ecosystem Complexity Affecting Birds-of-Paradise Diversity and Endemicity

The nature ecosystem in Tanah Papua spreads throughout the underwater ecosystem, coastal, lowland, plateau to snow-covered mountains. According to the forming geographical history, the ecosystem complexity and diversity affect the number of endemic flora and fauna in Tanah Papua, including cenderawasih or birds-of-paradise. Their rainforests support biodiversity, diverse species of flora and fauna. Most of […]

Cenderawasih Significance in Rainforest Ecosystem Stability

peran cenderawasih dalam ekosistem hutan

The landscape and ecosystem of Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands are not only known as being rich and beautiful, but also very varied. The high complexity of Tanah Papua ecosystem makes the flora and fauna in Tanah Papua very diverse and unique. One of the fauna with significant role in Tanah Papua is cenderawasih, the […]

Local Cadres Study on Village Information System and Mapping

Local cadres should have ability to conduct mapping and Village Information System management as it serves as the basis for the sustainable management of life sphere and development of a village. This is the background knowledge of the mentoring activity for village information system and mapping provided by the School of Eco-Involvement (SEI) as a […]

Cenderawasih’s Spectacular Dance to Lure Mate

Cenderawasih (Birds-of-paradise) are not simply known for their exotic feathers and exquisite sounds, but also their mesmerizing display. This special behavior is part of the mating rituals of the so-called birds-of-paradise. Cenderawasih males lure their mates by performing spectacular dances and displays with their appealing feathers. The most interesting fact is that only male perform […]

Jeopardy for Fish Kingdom in Kaimana

Kaimana in West Papua is not merely known as the beauty of its dusk and sunset. Kaimana is also dubbed with the kingdom of fish. Exploration done by the Conservation International Indonesia showed that there are 937 fish species and 492 types of corals in Kaimana waters. Kaimana is covered by thousands of mangrove forests […]

Conserving Cenderawasih in Malaumkarta Raya

Forests in Malaumkarta Raya, Makbon District, West Papua, are one of the habitations of birds-of-paradise or cenderawasih. The most eminent spot to watch cenderawasih is at Malagufuk, an ecotourism village. Moi Tribe dwelling in the region has local wisdom to protect cenderawasih in Malaumkarta Raya, despite the fact that cenderawasih does not only live in […]

Data Journalism Echoing Indonesian Ocean and Fisheries Pressures

Most parts in Indonesia or more than 70 percent or 5.8 million square kilometers are ocean. The coastline stretches along 95,000 square kilometers or the second longest coastline after Canada. Around 80 percent of regencies and mayoralties in Indonesia has coastal areas. It implies that ocean serves as the sources of livelihood of most communities […]

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