Handling Fishing Net of Hope in Segun Village

Yefta Fadan observantly observed the breaded nylon thread stretching before him. When his other fellows were playing a joke, Yefta kept silent. His fingers tracked every single line of nylon thread to avoid mistaken cut of the fishing net that has been broken. Mistaken cut of the broken fishing net will extend the fixing time […]

Youth Hoped for Net-Zero Emission Generation

Upholding belief in collaborative change with the community is deemed the main capital for young diplomat. Such belief with certain knowledge mastery will leave out doubts among the stakeholders’ minds. Making a start from young people, a change will influence the history course in the future. The statement was addressed by the founder of Foreign […]

EcoNusa and Kwarnas Pramuka Collaboratively Craft Leader with Ecological Concern

EcoNusa collaborated with the Scout National Chapter (Kwarnas Gerakan Pramuka) to educate a future leader of Indonesia with serious concern about environment. The collaboration was marked by the sign of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the participation of scout members to craft a sustainable natural resources management. “We are in synergy with EcoNusa Foundation […]

Nurturing Sago Bank in Manelek Village

Manelek Multipurpose Hall in Konda District, South Sorong, West Papua Province, was overexcited from morning. Some women inside were busy spreading butter inside the baking pan to ensure the sago-made dough was not sticky during baking process. In the other room, sif (local cake name), ongol-ongol (local name of sago made soft cake), kembang goyang […]

Youth, Success Key for Carbon Sequestration

Youth movement will get a momentum along with the rising number of population due to demographic bonus. On the 100th anniversary of Indonesia, the productive age population percentage grows around 65 percent as of the total estimated population of 381.96 million. This is very benefiting  because young people could be mobilized to mitigate climate crisis. […]

Walking While Making Pathway

In a beautiful morning end of June 2022, Dina Fadan and Sereptura Fadan got good news after the arrival of Jefri Fadan, the Head of Klasman Village in Malabotom District, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. Upon having just had their breakfast with baked sago, bread, and sweet tea, both was delighted as they were assigned […]

Developing Village Based on Potential and Asset

Planning village development based on asset and potential is the initial capital to generate humane development in Tanah Papua. Development does not only talk about public and social facilities that have not been completed well at the villages. Sitting and planning village development with each clan make the villagers equal in defining the direction of […]

STS Tarsa, Collaborative Action to Develop Village

Land property system in Tanah Papua becomes a major factor for agriculture development. Unlike those of Java Island with land rental system by farmer, every clan in Tanah Papua has productive area for their cultivation.  The motivating words here was addressed by the Head of Sorong Regency’s Food, Horticulture, and Plantation, Frengki Wamafma, to local […]

Papuan Superior Commodity and Its Challenge

The song lyric of “our land is paradise land” of “Kolam Susu (Pond of Milk)” song by Koes Ploes years ago is not a nonsense. Tanah Papua has become one of the living evident. The areas of Papua and West Papua Provinces have the richest biodiversity in the world in addition to Papua New Guinea. […]

Pondering The Rain in June

Sapardi Djoko Damono might have never thought that one of his poems would come true. One day in 1989, academician cum litterateur wrote a melancholic poem entitled “Rain in June”. Sapardi uses  “Rain in June” metaphorically to illustrate an unconvinced love, offering, sacrifice, and wait in silence contemplating introvert longing.  Rain in June touched the […]

Creating Art to Protect Ocean

Waste of consumption goods is often overlooked. When its aesthetic value has diminished, it every so often will end up in the trash bin. Then, when the trash is not well managed will put a stop to the sea and they will destroy water ecosystem and fisheries. Whereas, with creativity, waste will have an added […]

Civil Society Coalition Drafting Village Regulation to Protect Coastal Areas

The abundant maritime and fisheries resources in Haruku Island District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, requires a set of regulation to assure equality and sustainability aspects. The coalition of civil society provided assistance to the community in Kabauw Village in Haruku Island to draft village regulation that binds not only indigenous people but also other […]

Maritime and Fisheries Injustice Needs Standpoint

Implementation of policy related to maritime and fisheries resources management should get special attention so as to become one of the Indonesia economic standpoints in the future. Equal and sustainable resources management serve as the definite requirement to create triple win to the community, nature, and economy. The acting Director for Policy Reform and International […]

Momotoa Goes to School at Sekolah Anak Indonesia (SAI)

Momotoa Goes to School is an environmental socialization activity, especially regarding the condition of forests in Eastern Indonesia and its relation to climate change which is carried out in a fun and educative way. This time the series was held at the Sekolah Anak Indonesia (SAI), which is a boarding school for the education of […]

Public Anxious to Know Verdict on Palm Oil License Revocation

Fear lingered in the mind of people in Konda District, South Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. They were anxious to know the trial which charged the South Sorong Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli, indicted by palm oil companies. The litigation was registered in the Jayapura High Administrative Court from the last December 2021. The verdict will define […]

Youth Involvement in Climate Crisis Imperative

Youth involvement to climate crisis issue could hardly be overlooked. Earth destruction will speed up the climate crisis unless there is strong call from youngsters for change. Let alone, as an archipelagic country with thousands of islands, Indonesia is also under serious threat.  This is the key message in the virtual discussion entitled “Save Coastal […]

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