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Giving Meaning to Pivotal Momentum

There are so many momentums both at organizational as well as governmental scopes heading the yearend of 2022. EcoNusa attempts to get an advantage from those momentums as a way to endorse the organization’s commitment and preference to green issues. In commemoration of Youth Pledge Day, EcoNusa in collaboration with all community and government elements […]

Indonesia Calls for Green Diplomat Role

In the end of August 2022, EcoNusa organized a School of Eco Diplomacy (SED) activity for the 35 shortlisted youngsters across from Indonesia. The goings-on here is deemed the EcoNusa’s effort to build the youth capacity so as to be a leading generation in promoting, conserving, and defending the diversity of culture and natural resources […]

School of Eco-Involvement, Disseminating Good Seed at Village

Tracking back EcoNusa in the past five years, I see something that makes me proud and optimistic. There have been many assistances activities so that the indigenous people are independent in natural resources, forest, and sea management for their welfare. Since 2019, EcoNusa has implemented a program so-called School of Eco Involvement (SEI) as an […]

Environmental Care as Performing Religious Rite

I took part in a workshop on strategic planning last March organized by the Interfaith for Rainforest Initiative-Indonesia (IRI Indonesia) in Tamblingan, Bali. IRI is an international interfaith alliance aiming to address moral voices and spiritual resource to a global endeavor to end tropical deforestation. This is a platform of religious-based leaders and communities to […]

I am Digital, therefore I Exist

The title is inspired by “Cogito ergo sum” adage. The saying was firstly coined by the French philosopher Rene Descartes in the 16th century which means “I think, therefore I am” that then gains its popularity. It originally came from French which was then translated into Latin. This article is also inspired by the closed […]

Building Sense of East with Heart

Getting underway the 2022, I am impressed with what Sorong Regent, Johny Kamuru, said in the EcoNusa Outlook 2022 on 10 February in Jakarta. He said boldly, “In Tanah Papua, we do not need people with strong word and very good at speech. But what is needed is people with strong compassion, sincere heart and […]

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