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Leo Wahyudi

Has more than fourteen years experiences in journalism in various media from 2002 through media consultancy, journalistic works, stringer in various publications and non-governmental organizations. He started his career in journalism from The Jakarta Post which then bring him to various works related to journalism. He had written hundreds of articles, success stories, feature, literature, copywriting pieces in various print and electronic media nationally and internationally. Human interest, social concern, and environmental issues have particularly drawn his concern to develop communication conveyance messages and content management. He also engages consultancy with some organizations to help shape the communication strategy and spent years working with various solid communication team. Working as media content specialist, editorial writer, he laid initially the official Unicef Indonesia’s website content, UNDP, REDD+ Management Agency website to give more highlight to organizational communication divisions from 2005-2015. He also served as professional consultant for some international NGOs on communication up to 2017. He has proven track for being media analyst, lead writer and editor for high profile reports and books for government, non-organizational sectors, and notable private sectors for more than eight years. He also worked as independent translator for many reputable agencies among others like Waxman Strategies USA, Business Indonesia, Total E&P Indonesia and some of his translated books have been published.

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