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F. X. Adi Saputra

F.X. Adi Saputra, usually called Adi, is an alumnus of the Bachelor Degree in Marine Science, University of Papua. Adi completed his Masters degree in the Department of Coastal and Marine Resources Management, IPB University, Bogor.

Adi was involved in Community Organize (CO) training by several institutions, one of which was INSIST Yogyakarta and has more than 10 years of experience assisting the community, starting from the Youth Undergraduate Program Driving Development in Rural Areas (PSP3), Independent Community Empowerment in Rural Areas (PNPM Mpd), Program Village Community Development and Empowerment (P3MD). During his career, Adi has experience mobilizing young people, building business with the community through cooperatives, facilitating the process of mapping and recognizing Indigenous Law Communities, as well as conducting discussions and coordination with the government and stakeholders. He has been involved in activities at several organizations such as Greenpeace and Bentara Papua. Currently occupies the position of Head of the EcoNusa Office for the Sorong Region.

Singing, swimming and watching movies are his hobbies in his spare time.

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