Hoping for Land road in Segun District

The people in Segun District, Sorong Regency, West Papua, has been longing for the presence of land road infrastructure. It has been years the community lives without land road. The condition has become the obstacle of local economic growth. They even find it hard to access health facility. “The community economy has not developed yet […]

Walking While Making Pathway

In a beautiful morning end of June 2022, Dina Fadan and Sereptura Fadan got good news after the arrival of Jefri Fadan, the Head of Klasman Village in Malabotom District, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province. Upon having just had their breakfast with baked sago, bread, and sweet tea, both was delighted as they were assigned […]

Developing Village Based on Potential and Asset

Planning village development based on asset and potential is the initial capital to generate humane development in Tanah Papua. Development does not only talk about public and social facilities that have not been completed well at the villages. Sitting and planning village development with each clan make the villagers equal in defining the direction of […]

Mogatemin STS Participant Pledges to Manage Local Shrimp Potential

The participants of Mogatemin Social Transformation School (STS) in South Sorong, West Papua did not merely study on sago cultivation and organic fertilizer production, but they also learned how to create derivative products from shrimp, such as shrimp-made crackers and nugget.  Why shrimp? Most of the STS participants in Mogatemin came from the villages with […]

“Not Just Knowing How to Eat, But How to Plant Too”

“Not just knowing how to eat, but also how to plant too”. The statement addressed by women working in the public kitchen which served the Social Transformation School (STS) in Mogatemin, South Sorong Regency, when they ate papeda (traditional porridge made from sago) seemed to be jokingly said. However, this utterance passed judgment to Dorina […]

Scorching Heat Not Discouraging Farming Class Participants in STS Mogatemin

Social Transformation School (STS) at Mogatemin Village in Kais Darat District, South Sorong Regency, was one of the connecting lines of knowledge to the villagers. For instance, in the context of farming, nearly all participants were not familiar yet with organic fertilizer production. On the other side, organic fertilizer has been commonly used by public. […]

STS Participants Questioning Forest Status to South Sorong FMU

Social Transformation School (STS) at Mogatemin Village, Kais Darat District, South Sorong Regency, appeared to become the way for crucial and interesting discussion among villagers. They who have so far questioned on the status of their forests eventually got the answers, despite the dissatisfaction.  It could be seen from some STS Mogatemin participants when they […]

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