35 Indonesian Youths Prepared for Being Green Diplomat

Despite the country’s attribute for its ample biodiversity, empirically Indonesia’s nature is under threats of climate crisis and business practices that are not sustainable, exploitative, and destructive. Some of them are like mining and palm oil plantation expansion that have brought about forest degradation, as well as overfishing that destroys sea resources and ecosystems. On […]

Potency of Indonesian Tuna and Huhate Fishers’ Fate

As a maritime country with abundant sea potency, Indonesia is deemed the largest producer of tuna with big opportunity to lead the global market of tuna. Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, data Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2020 show that Indonesia has 20 percent contribution to the global need for tuna, skipjack, and […]

Exigency of Youth Mobilization to Save Our Ocean

Young generation is labelled as critical, creative, and technology-savvy generation. With these strongpoints, young generation is expected to become a future excellent leader who could solve the existing ecological complication and create a better life on Earth. “Today, there are many more young people showing their existence to articulate their concerns with environmental issues including […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 2: Customary Sasi and Money Tree in Kaimana

Nutmeg still becomes one of the most prominent Indonesian commodities including Kaimana Regency in West Papua. The priceless selling point has made Kaimana people plant nutmeg trees. The yields could provide benefits to growers, collectors, and businesspersons.  One of the businesspersons in Kaimana is Udin. He has warehouse in Air Merah compound. The Sulawesi born […]

Tale of Nutmeg Part 1: From European Spices Persuers to Conservation Plant

Nutmeg warehouse in Air Merah in Bantemi Village is one of the six largest warehouses for nutmegs in Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province. A pile of sacks is towering and flocking the 10 x 20 meters warehouse.  Pala (Myristica argentea Warb) has valuable economic value. It is no wonder when Europeans sought the spices for […]

Fisheries Management Inclusivism and Sustainability in Indonesia Blue Economy

Blue Economy highlights the systematic innovation, technology, and optimum utilization to uphold added values of fisheries product. This could happen by creating policy at upstream level and build the human resource capacity. It does not simply sell raw product. The statement was addressed by Rizal Idrus, the lecturer of Hasanuddin University (Unhas)’s School of Marine […]

Story of #RasaTimur, Glancing at Biodiversity Potentials in Eastern Indonesia

Man is an entity which is part of nature and the existing biodiversity. Human life depends and never separates from the existence of biodiversity. Considering our dependence on the biodiversity, the United Nations (UN) set 22 May as the International Day of Biodiversity, a commemoration which is dedicated to global community awareness raising on the […]

STS Morekau Closing, Sharing Session for Village Development

Saka Mese Nusa Social Transformation School (STS) held in Morekau Village, Seram Bagian Barat Regency, on 8-25 February 2021 was concluded this month. The closing was done in Kamal Village in Seram Bagian Barat Regency, Maluku Province, on 19-21 May 2022. “You have learned in STS a year before and it has been more than […]

Menke Womom, Imminence Proof of Abun Tribe and Oceans God

As to Abun Tribe, leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is deemed the significant Oceans God that need preservation. The existence of the fauna is believed to bring blessing to the surrounding creature including Abun Tribe, a native tribe dwelling in Abun District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. Therefore, Abun Tribe has a locally-called Menke Womom ritual to […]

Illegal Fishing Practice Still Rampant in Indonesian Oceans

Illegal Unreported Unregulated (IUU) Fishing remains rampant in the Indonesian ocean border. This is due partly to incoming illegal foreign vessels to Indonesian sea territory despite the oversight. It is reported that 240 foreign fishing ships (KIA) entered Indonesian sea in 2021. In a webinar entitled “Indonesian Sea, Is It Still Safe? Government Measure to Curb Fish Thievery” […]

Indigenous People Applies Local Wisdom in Marine Resource Management

Indigenous peoples have strong ties with their environment. Through local wisdom, they try to protect and sustain the potential resources in their area. Considering the fact, the government makes serious efforts by guiding the indigenous people in Indonesia. “We had facilitated about the identified 32 (indigenous communities to be appointed,” said Indigenous PeopleCoordinator, Directorate of […]

Many Ways to Disseminate Fascination of Eastern Indonesia

Eastern Indonesia is not merely natural resource rich regions. Their culture is diverse. There are many stories from Tanah Papua, Maluku Island, and Sulawesi we could share to public. There are many ways to disseminate the fascination of eastern Indonesia.  “From Imaji Papua, we use documentary film, because it could serve as an effective medium […]

Efforts in Handling Plastic Waste in Maluku and Papua

Plastic waste discarded to the oceans are not only damaging the environment, but also harmful to human life. A research conducted by Manullang (2021) reported that there were 2.359 waste floating in Ambon Bay, Maluku Province, with plastic as the most common type of waste. Furthermore, the research concludes that Ambon Bay has been exposed […]

Building Sense of East with Heart

Getting underway the 2022, I am impressed with what Sorong Regent, Johny Kamuru, said in the EcoNusa Outlook 2022 on 10 February in Jakarta. He said boldly, “In Tanah Papua, we do not need people with strong word and very good at speech. But what is needed is people with strong compassion, sincere heart and […]

EcoNusa Outlook 2022: Significance of Building People’s Sovereignty in Eastern Indonesia

Yuliance Zanggonau shares her experiences in assisting people in Arguni Bawah District, Papua, in theEcoNusa Outlook 2022. (EcoNusa/David Herman Jaya) Tanah Papua and Maluku Island have ample natural resources. However, the people’s economy still relies on other parties. The condition makes the locals vulnerable to sell their land to the company. “People’s sovereignty is important […]

Papua, Maluku, We Can, Anything Possible

The 30 participants of Community Organizer and Facilitation Technique training shouted the yells together at the Learning Center (LC) Mibi in Makbon District, Sorong Regency, West Papua, on 24 January – 2 February 2022. “Papua, Maluku, we can, anything is possible” is an optimistic yell expressed by field staffers and village cadres believing that anything […]

Cenderawasih Significance in Rainforest Ecosystem Stability

peran cenderawasih dalam ekosistem hutan

The landscape and ecosystem of Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands are not only known as being rich and beautiful, but also very varied. The high complexity of Tanah Papua ecosystem makes the flora and fauna in Tanah Papua very diverse and unique. One of the fauna with significant role in Tanah Papua is cenderawasih, the […]

Jaring Nusa, Joint Movement for Eastern Indonesia’s Coastal and Small Island Communities

Fourteen civil society organizations in Eastern Indonesia declared its commitment to collaboratively save ocean, coasts, and small islands in eastern regions of Indonesia. In their declaration, Jaring Belajar Pesisir, Laut dan Pulau Kecil (literally “Learning Network for Coasts, Ocean and Small Island”) or so-called Jaring Nusa for Eastern Indonesia stated that coastal and small island […]

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