G20 Key to Development Paradigm Shift

Every country wants to give prosperous life to the people through development. Development has thus far been interpreted as economic growth. Natural resources are deemed unlimited and we can take as much as we want. “Is there any end for economic growth? There is no end for economic growth, but limit owned by our planet,” […]

Blue Economy and Customary Area Mapping ASPEKSINDO’s Crucial Agenda

Blue economy strategy in Indonesia is deemed a commitment to restore sea health and speed up a sustainable blue economy. To attain the goal requires commitment for collaboration among national and regional governments as well as various organizations for indigenous people. Various economic activities from ocean space grows rapidly along with the mounting risks to […]

Fisheries Management Inclusivism and Sustainability in Indonesia Blue Economy

Blue Economy highlights the systematic innovation, technology, and optimum utilization to uphold added values of fisheries product. This could happen by creating policy at upstream level and build the human resource capacity. It does not simply sell raw product. The statement was addressed by Rizal Idrus, the lecturer of Hasanuddin University (Unhas)’s School of Marine […]

Blue Ecomic Implementation Not Optimum

Implementation of blue economy in Indonesia faces some challenges so the expected potentials of marine and fisheries could hardly have optimum benefit. Without improvement and cooperation among ministries, institutions, and civil societies involvement, the target of blue economy could potentially destroy the resources of marine and fisheries in Indonesia. “What could be benefited from blue […]