Story of #RasaTimur, Glancing at Biodiversity Potentials in Eastern Indonesia

Man is an entity which is part of nature and the existing biodiversity. Human life depends and never separates from the existence of biodiversity. Considering our dependence on the biodiversity, the United Nations (UN) set 22 May as the International Day of Biodiversity, a commemoration which is dedicated to global community awareness raising on the […]

Zeth Wonggor, David Gibbs, Ecotourism Pioneers (Part II)

Upon the arrival of David Gibbs, an English ornithologist, to observe bird-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae) behavior at Syoubri Village, he brought other visitors that might bolster local income without putting forests ecosystem at Arfak Mountain at risks. Arfak slowly goes global.  Mesmerized by the Arfak youngster, Zeth Wonggor, knowledge on birds and other fauna in Arfak forests, […]

Zeth Wonggor, David Gibbs, Ecotourism Pioneers (Part I)

A white man yelled amidst the dense jungle in Syoubri Village in the former Irian Jaya Province (that is now called West Papua Province). The man looked for Zeth Wongor, a youngster living in a small hut in the jungle. When found, they stared each other. Breaking the silence, the white man spoke briefly, “I […]

Pamungkas: We Need Nature

Making a dialogue and uniting with nature are deemed the source of inspiration for work. Nature has given tranquility and serenity in mind that could hardly exist at urban ambience that requires people to have fast moving pace. This is what happens to a musician like Rizki Rahmahadian Pamungkas. The popularly known Pamungkas admitted that […]

Charlie Heatubun: Forest is Irreplaceable

As an academic and local government official Charlie D. Heatubun should go back and forth into jungle for research. He is a professor of School of Forestry’s Botany and Forest Resources of Papua University and Head of West Papua’s Research and Development Agency. This background has given him strong belief that forest is irreplaceable. There […]

Protecting Papua and Maluku Forests Not Only About Birds-of-Paradise Preservation

Indonesia’s largest tropical rainforest is in Tanah Papua and the Maluku Islands. More than 3,000 vertebrate and 200,000 invertebrate species live in this tropical rainforest area. They range from insects, reptiles, mammals to birds, including birds-of-paradise with their  well-known magnificence. In addition, Papua Island also has more than 13,000 vascular plants, making it the richest […]

Ecosystem Complexity Affecting Birds-of-Paradise Diversity and Endemicity

The nature ecosystem in Tanah Papua spreads throughout the underwater ecosystem, coastal, lowland, plateau to snow-covered mountains. According to the forming geographical history, the ecosystem complexity and diversity affect the number of endemic flora and fauna in Tanah Papua, including cenderawasih or birds-of-paradise. Their rainforests support biodiversity, diverse species of flora and fauna. Most of […]

Cenderawasih Significance in Rainforest Ecosystem Stability

peran cenderawasih dalam ekosistem hutan

The landscape and ecosystem of Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands are not only known as being rich and beautiful, but also very varied. The high complexity of Tanah Papua ecosystem makes the flora and fauna in Tanah Papua very diverse and unique. One of the fauna with significant role in Tanah Papua is cenderawasih, the […]

Captivated by Enchanting Bird-of-Paradise

None doubts the beauty and appeal of bird-of-paradise. The colorful feather, its enchanting dance and beautiful chirp amidst the serenity of primary forests in Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands have mesmerized anyone. Their existence inspires many people. Moreover, many takes advantage of its existence. From Asia mainland, the appeal of bird-of-paradise reaches European mainland. The […]

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