Verification Process of Indigenous Customary Law in Kampung Klafyo and Kampung Klarin, Sorong

The communities residing in Kampung Klafyo, situated within the Waimon District, and Kampung Klarin, located in the Konhir District of Sorong, Southwestern Papua Barat, are currently undertaking concerted efforts to attain acknowledgment of their rights from the local governmental authorities. In a collaborative endeavor supported by EcoNusa, representatives from 14 indigenous clans, on Tuesday, 01 August 2023 engaged in the meticulous verification and validation of the documents they had submitted to the committee overseeing customary law affairs. The formal proceedings were inaugurated by Assistant III of the Sorong Regency Secretariat and saw the participation of several governmental departments and pertinent entities. Notable among these were the Sorong Department of Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantation, the Sorong Land Office, the Department of Land, the Konhir Sub-District Secretary, and the Chairman of the Konhir Council of Customary Affairs. The verification process transpired with a commendable level of efficacy and thoroughness.

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